DACS And Your Studio

DACS Ltd offer a wide range of services, ranging from cable manufacture to full studio build. DACS is also a specialist in the field of bar and nightclub sound systems. We also manufacture our own range of acoustic absorbers, produced to your custom specification. Please click on a link below to find out more:

●Studio Build
Full or partial studio build, from small project studios all the way to full professional recording and production facilities.

●Sound Design and Installation
Installation and sound science ranging from small PA systems, right up to full night club/bar installations, including acoustic treatment.

Acoustic Consultancy and  Treatment

Analysis of any acoustic environment, from room reverb times, to analysis of night club sound levels to comply with noise laws. Acoustic treatment using DACS’ range of custom absorbers, diffusers and reflectors, ensuring the best possible sound of a room.


Audio, digital audio, MIDI and control data cables.

●Equipment Supply

We have a very wide product knowledge and can supply professional audio products at competitive prices. See retail section for full information.

●Recent Work
Click here for a brief overview of recent work undertaken by DACS Ltd.