Our users have told us that we make some of the best audio equipment in the world. It enables engineers to take their music to any recording medium in the simplest, clearest way. When you buy our equipment you are buying a hand made, world class audio tool that will give you trouble free service for many years to come. You pay for DACS’ products, not a name; we add value through high levels of performance and long term reliability and serviceability, but above all through sonic and functional Clarity.

DACS have crystallized years of experience into a range of elegantly simple high performance units, all hand made. Where it benefits audio performance or long term reliability we use more expensive components and time consuming processes. Our range of visually striking, well engineered devices will last well into the 21st century, achieving levels of performance that digital technology and much analogue technology aspires to today.

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●clear blue preamplifier

The new 8 channel, all-in-one preamplification solution. Read more…

●Clarity MicAmp

“Simply stunning!”

Award winning* two channel, ultra low noise microphone amplifier. Read more…

●Clarity HeadLite

“It’s ideal!”

Four channel headphone amplifier, high power, low noise. Read more…


Unleash your imagination!

Award winning** analogue effects unit, including frequency modulator, ring modulator and frequency shift effects. Read more…

●MIDI Patch Bay

“just plug…and play”

Fast, clear, MIDI patching with standard mono jack leads. Read more…

●PPA – Phantom Power Adapter

Connect your Soundman OKM microphones to Phantom Power devices. Read more…