DACS Distribution

●Cycling ’74

Innovative and remarkably powerful music and video software from the USA.


The finest hand-crafted audio equipment. Our users have told us we make some of the best audio equipment in the world. Our awards and reviews reflect this.

“Simply stunning!”

Hugh Robjohns, SOS on the MicAmp.

●Flea F 47

A meticulously hand crafted replica of the legendary Neumann U 47 tube microphone.


The professional’s choice. Digital audio workstation software – audio, MIDI and video. Flexible, powerful and very stable software from Germany.

“I wasted five years on [a competitive product] and then I got Samplitude. It just worked properly, immediately, on the same computer, and it hasn’t even crashed once!”

M Watson – working musician.

     ●New - Samplitude Pro and HDSP9632

●Ms. Pinky

The Interdimensional Wrecked Set. Use the specially encoded pink or black vinyl on normal analogue turntables to scratch mp3, wav or movie files and as a controller for Max/MSP.

●Pearl Microphones

High-quality microphones from Sweden, ideal for radio, television, music recording, and film studios.

●Peterson Strobe Tuners

Instantaneous, easy to read, consistent, accurate tuning; an essential tool for the professional and all serious musicians and studios.

●Pyramid Monitors

Real-world reference monitors, designed and built by broadcast production engineers to show what your mix will sound like on consumer systems such as TVs or radios.


Unique range of high spec sound cards and software from the USA

●Soundman OKM

Binaural stereo microphones from Germany. Astonishing results both in the field and in the studio.

●Ursa Major SST

Re-issued and updated classic space station reverb unit, with the original and unmistakable ’77 sound, as well as stunning new 24 bit reverb.